Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring Soccer Season 2010

So this post is way out of place but life has been so crazy and I am grateful for Merilynn who took these pictures and posted them on my blog for me. Yes another year of Soccer has come and gone. The twins had a blast and loved being on their same team as last year. Spring was fun but cold and most of the time you would of thought it was dead of Winter but the kids never complained about being cold and got out there and played hard. They loved Coach Ben and the whole team. Ty improved on speed and ability to run with the ball not being all over the field. He also became excellent in scoring. Kai'imi improved on speed as well and she was an amazing defense player. I swear putting piggy tails in her hair always made her speed like lighting McQueen as she would say. As a parent you are always so proud of your kids and Yes I am very proud of them. They both did well and we are looking forward to next Soccer Season. Thank you to all the Coaches, especially Coach Ben and all those awesome players.

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