Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My hana sister Kuulei'iminaaua. I was lucky enough to be able to go back to Hawaii and be her escort threw the Temple. I felt honored. I have always admired her and her family. She is an excellent example and because of her and her family I was able to find this true Church. My life is amazing because of the Gospel, not that I don't have my trails but with knowing my Heavenly Father I know that all things are possible. This Day couldn't be more amazing!!!! Thank you Imi for giving me this experience. I love you dearly!

I had the experience to go threw the Temple with these two amazing people,Aunty Hi'i and Uncle Tom. They both received their endowments and then were sealed for time and all eternity. Also Imi was sealed to them as well. It was an amazing experience and it will forever be remembered. I was so lucky to be able to get there in time for their awesome event. I will never forget the spirit that I felt in the Temple that day.
Thank you Lapera Ohana for allowing me to come and join your amazing day!!!!

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