Monday, May 31, 2010

T-Ball Spring 2010

Ty playing short stop.

Ty is up for bat.

Ty running to first base.

Ty hanging out on the field.

Yes, Kai'imi got to join the team.

So this year Coach Ben from Soccer was also going to be coaching T-Ball and asked if the kids would like to join as well. Well I put Ty in and he was beyond excited to be there and try out this new sport for him. Considering Bret or I have never played Catch or even hit a ball with him he is doing well. Well about a month into T-Ball Kai'imi joined their team, (thanks to Coach Ben who pulled some strings and let her on). She as well have never played. I love watching them improve with practice and each game. Its amazing to me on how well they can do. I look forward to watching them grow and becoming better each time.
Hopefully to get more pictures of them both posted

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