Friday, January 16, 2015

Gymnastics night 1/16/15

Enjoyed a wonderful evening with Suzanne and my two young Angels!!! We enjoyed salted pretzels, nachos, and rootbeer ice cream cones. Utah Utes won the meet!!! I love being with the little ones. Kaleis little face was soooo entrolling. She loved it!!! Ilikeas loves the bars and kept cheerin her little heart out. We are soooo blessed to have the Tates in our lives. Thank you Suzanne for a wonderful night!!!!

Twins out w dad scout camp out rock climbing 1-16-15

Bret shared these wonderful pictures with me while he and the twins are down in Provo for the night enjoying a night of rock climbing with his scouts and these Angels!!!! I'm bless to be there Mom and they are blessed to be able to enjoy a night together making Memories!!!

Kaiimi acting like one of the scouts!!!!


long time!!!!

So it's been a very long time since I've written here!!! A lot has happened and all the Holidays have passed. I can't believe how quickly time has been passing. 2014 has been a wonderful, trying, exciting, spiritual growth and a hard year all together....... 

Many memories were made and I was extremely blessed to have this year with my family!!! 

Quick high light 

Twins turned 10, Ilikea turns 6 and Kalei  turned 4. Everyone on them are growing up way too quickly. I'm secretly sad. I wish they were still babies but I'm soooo lucky to be there mom. I'm proud to say they are doing sooo well in all that they do. I'm praying that they will continue to always do there best.

Many more to come....... 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

He's Home

Elder Austin Tate is home from his mission 12/16/14. He's been in Mephis for the last two years. He is an excellent example to me and my children. I can but can't wait for my kids to go on a mission. 

Some of the blessings that have come to our family while he has been out is that my sweet Ilikea fasted every fast Sunday for him, And she also wrote him pretty much every week up until the last couple of months. Our family and the Tate family have grown closer and closer together. The opptuornity to witness the truthfulness of this Gospel from Austin's example. I know the Lord has truly blessed us and I know that there was many more miracles while he was gone

Twins 4th grade Christmas Party

Enjoyed another fun party with my twins!! I can't believe they are 10 and in the 4th grade. 

We enjoyed hot cocoa bar, making a coupon books and decorating eachother into Christmas tress but most of all the kids enjoyed giving  there Teacher an amazing gift. The class pulled together 130 dollar for him and his family. He was in tears which lead to me being in tears. I'm amazed how giving people are. 

I pray our family will continue to be able to give to those in need and will always been in tune to give.

Another blessing I have is the ability to help out in my childrens classes. 

Ty the tin foil face tree

Devin Page giggling tree!!! 

Ilikeas christmas chine program 12/17/14

1st Grade Ms Thompsons class Chine concert. Ilikeas has been blessed with the Best 1st grade teacher, and I've been blessed with an amazing little Girl. She brightens up my life and anyone that she comes in contact. She truly has a gift for people and knows how to make them feel loved. I enjoyed watching her and her class.