Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So this are pictures from my trip back to Hawaii this past November. The kids and I had a blast. I had the opportunity to see my best friends go threw the Kona Hawaii Temple. Aunty Hi'i and Uncle Tom were sealed and Imi was sealed to her parents. It was an amazing day. I will have to write about the experience another time. Then it was also Laci's 2nd birthday where I went to church and then showed up at my sister's house for Laci's birthday party. I totally surprised my Sis. It was awesome. I was a little sad that my dad already had left to go home and my brother wasn't there. But seeing my Sister's face was priceless. The kids and I went to the beach a couple of time with Aunty Hii and Uncle Tom, Imi even took the day off to go and hang out with us. One day I took the kids to black sand beach where we saw the turtles and one day we went to Hilo to hang out with my Dad. Anytime I am in Hawaii its always awesome. It was a great trip and yes I survived traveling with three children and would do it again.

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The Crockett Family said...

I love the one where Ili is enjoying the cake! :) Beautiful little kiddos. They're so lucky!