Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Ty'makoa and Kai'imilani

Happy Birthday to Ty'makoa and Kai'imilani!!!!

Kai'imilani started celebrating her Birthday the weekend before. We all went out to Roosevelt for the weekend, where Abbie and her was treated to a Princess party. They got to dress up, get their nails done, hair done and put make up on (their favorite part). Maryanne and I had a blast watching our little ones. They are getting so big so quickly.

Morning of their Birthday was their first Soccer game. Ty played hard, chased the ball and helped Devin and Kai'imi score goals. Kai'imi played well . She scored two goals and took a lot of hard falls but didn't cry. She was a fast little runner. We were in charge of treats so we brought cup cakes with soccer rings on them. After the game their team sang Happy Birthday to them. They both thought that was the coolest thing ever. Uncle Skyler, Aunty Becky, Eastan, Nick, Lincoln and Aunty Steph came to watch them play. It was so fun to watch them play.

After their soccer game we went to watch Eastan play his game. He is a good little soccer player. Hope he keeps it up.

Then Uncle Skyler and Aunty Becky came over for some lunch. We had pizza and hung out till the evening.

That evening was Kai'imi's Hula Recital. She has been taking hula for the summer. She started in May and went every Thursday. She and her class danced three numbers. We had a pot luck dinner there as well .I brought a cake for Ty and Kai'imi. Everyone there sang Happy Birthday and again the 4 year olds thought that was so cool.

After the Hula Recital we came home and opened presents. They were very blessed and Thank you everyone who made their day so special.


Aunty Amanda said...

Oh my, I can't believe they're already 4 years old. Time is flying and they're cuter every day. Happy Birthday Kai'imi and Ty!

Amber, Tony, Whiskey and baby Lola bean said...

Hi Katt and family!! I've changed my blogspot name! its now www.ambercotton.blogspot.com

love you and miss you all.
aunty amber