Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Lessons

Okay so since the Twins turned 4, I feel as if there ears have stop working. They are just not listening. It seems like they listen for the day and as soon as it's 4 pm. There ears stop working. So on Monday night after Family Home Evening, playing, eating shakes, and prayers Bret tucked the kids in bed with a little of a fight. I went downstairs after they were in bed for about 15 minutes and noticed that their room wasn't picked up after they had told me they did earlier that day. So I thought I would teach them a lesson and wake them up and have them pick up their room and then they would go back to bed. I thought that they would be so tired that the kids wouldn't want to do that again. Well it back fired. Kai'imi was up past midnight cause she had a power nap!!!! (just like her mom can't take power naps).
That's Monday Night, moving on to Tuesday I thought I would do things a little different. The three of us had dental appointments (which by the way No cavities, even after having a baby) they were so well behaved. So I took them to the Dollar store to celebrate no cavities and because they listened so well while we were gone. They were really well behaved all day long. I just couldn't believe my eyes. I thought its working. Well I continued to work on listening skills that afternoon we got an earlier start on doing chores for our night routine because of Enrichment night. I got involved with helping them pick up the basement which is their toys and their clothes instead of just telling them what to do. I would assign them things to pick and so on. Well we did an excellent job on that. Moving on to bath time. But before they got into the bath tub I told them how they were going to play at Nursery while I am at enrichment night and made it so fun. So I said quick baths so we can get going. I set the timer for 5 minutes. Well I ran down stairs to print something off for work, gone about 2 minutes. I come back up stairs and the twins decided that they would shred toilet paper and add it to the bath water. All over their hair, bodies, and bathroom. So I loose my top and start yelling (yes I am working on not yelling, that didn't work this time). I told them they had two minutes to clean up, get dressed and they were to sit on their beds for the night. I was going to leave them home all by themselves. So I am thinking I scare them and leave them home alone for a second right. I call Merilynn and tell her to be ready so I can pick her up and then go back and get them. Quick little lesson, So I get back from picking her u[ and I peak in the basement window. I see Ty on Kai'imi's bed with her reading to him. I pound on the window and their lights go off. I see them both get on Kai'imi's bed and lay down. So Merilynn and I then go downstairs and start pounding on the door. To open the door but Kai'imi says we don't open the door to strangers. Finally they open the door and Kai'imi jumped a little but then she thought it was so funny. She says to me I knew you wouldn't leave us and we don't open the doors to strangers. Anyways Enrichment night was on Communication. Thinking I really need to learn that cause I am not getting threw to them. Well all I learned at that was to say I feel instead of saying I told you. After Enrichment night I have 3 cupcakes one for everyone. I am thinking that we are going to talk about the toilet paper, clean the bathroom and succeed with a cupcake. I park the car in the drive way and I tell them that if they go in clean the bathroom, put the rugs in the laundry, dirty clothes away and clean all the toilet paper out of the bath tub in 5 minutes they could share a cupcake. Well they did that so they got their cupcakes and off to bed they went after that with no fight. I then go to take a shower and I find toilet paper on the window and on the ceiling. Yep they made paper wads and threw them. Lesson learn for me again. I laughed and laughed at myself all night long. I did realize though that kids are kids and I need not be so hard on them. I often think they should know better but they don't. I am very grateful for these little lessons learned even though I wanted to scream at them more. I am very blessed to have such wonderful gifts from my Father in Heaven, I just need to learn to teach and take care of them.

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I LOVE this picture!!! And...I don't believe you. ;-)