Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cool Cars and Cones 09-10-08

Bret, Nick, Ty, Ilikea, and Kaii'imi with the Bret's Mustang!!!

The kids had way too much fun!
Yep, Elvis came to the Cool Cars and Cones!
Bret, the kids and I headed out to Kaysville for their Cool cars and cones fun night. It was a blast. They served free ice cream cones and we walked around and looked at cool cars. Bret bought up the Mustang to be in it as well. Yes he enjoys showing off the car. It was fun to see him so happy and enjoying the car show. It reminded me of growing up with my Dad and how he would always take us with him to car shows.

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Katrina said...

Guys (now daddies) and their cars, you've got to love them! Happy to see his Mustang is running too! We keep having Chris's cars towed!