Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Home Evening!!!

Family Home Evening 08-18-08
Crockett's and Pages
Yep we took the kids Fishing at Bountiful Pond again! Ilikea watching everyone fish!
Devin with his big catch of the day!
Kai'imi with her big catch of day and her new fishing pole!
Bret and Ty fishing for Family Night!
So we didn't get enough of fishing on Saturday night, so we brought them back on Monday for Family Night and invited the Pages to go with us. This time Bret bought the three kids their own fishing poles. Devin and Ty got speed racer ones and Kai'imi got a Dora one. (Yes thank you Daddy for spoiling us. ) They had a blast fishing. They fished till it got dark. The kids had so much fun fishing and Yep Uncle Trent came along too and got a fishing licence as well. It was a great.

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