Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bountiful Pond!!!

Bountiful Pond 8-16-08

Sissy and her fish!
The three Great fisherman!
Bret helping Ty and Sissy watching.
Sissy caught her own fish!

Ilikea and I watching the fisherman!

After taking my activities day girl fishing on Wednesday. I told Bret about it and how much fun it was so we decided to take the kids there. We went on Saturday afternoon when Bret got off of work and fished for over 3 hours. We had a Blast! Ty and Kai'imi were catching the little fish left and right. They got to the point that they were casting and reeling in all by their self's.

Ty enjoyed the worms, playing with them cutting up and having them ready for Bret to put on the hook. He also enjoyed throwing the fish back into the water. Kai'imi enjoyed catching them, bringing them in and then letting her daddy take care of the rest. We it was time to leave they were sad.

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