Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Playing while Dad's at Scout Camp Wednesday 08-20-08

So after getting Bret off to scout camp at 6:30 am. I stayed up to get some work done so that the afternoon could be full of fun with the kids. So around 1 pm I got the kids in the van and picked up Merilynn and her kids to go to the ZOO. At the Zoo we saw a new baby Columbus Monkey that was only 9 days old. We saw the white Alligator, which that was his last week there before returning home. We saw the baby giraffe who is now three months old or something like that. We also played on the Play Ground area for a while. We also went on the Merry Go round. After the Zoo we went home for dinner. Then headed out to feed the ducks at Bountiful Pond. Well they were ducks they were geese. They were mean geese and tried to eat us. I was scared and made the kids run to the car while I was running as well feeding them. Yes we laughed at our sleves. After the geese we went to this new Yogurt spot in Bountiful called the Yogurt Stop. Its where you pick your frozen yogurt and then you put any kind of topping on it. Then you pay by the pound. The kids and I had a fun day with Merilynn and her boys. We had a day full of memories and a blast.

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Merilynn said...

That was a really fun day! And yes those geese were very mean. Thanks for the fun memories. Your blog is looking great! Keep up the great posts, it's been a lot of fun to read.