Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bret gone to Scout Camp 08-21-08

After working most of Thursday, I decided to take the kids fishing at Bountiful pond. Yes, I went and got a fishing licence. Trent also came along with us. So we fished for awhile catching those little fishes. Then I left to take Kai'imi to hula and came back to watch Trent and Ty fish. I picked Kai'imi back up from Hula and went back to fishing. Where Ty caught a big fish and wanted to take it home to save it for his Daddy. Ty really enjoyed the worms as well.
After fishing we got ready to head to the Bees game. Derek got us tickets from his work. We all met up at Derek's and headed to the game.It was all of us except for Bret who was camping and Camie who was back to school night with Shaeda. (we missed them) We sat on the grass by the play ground and the free train rides. We enjoyed the hot dogs, drinks and chips that also came with the game. That was also Philip and Nancy's Anniversary. We had a blast hanging out and watching the game that after that was over we headed to Derek and Stephs for some ice cream. It was a very fun evening but late night. We have always enjoyed the family get togethers.

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the harpers said...

Kat!! I love your blog! I can't believe how big your kids are. I remember when you found out that you were having twins! This will be great to stay in touch. Check out our blog too!