Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waimea House

So Bret and I have been blessed with this great opportunity to buy my Grandparents home in Waimea. My dad called and asked me if i would want to buy it. He would give me his share and all I would have to do is buy my aunty and uncle out. Well we took it and came to Hawaii to fix up the home to rent it.

My family and I have great memories of this home. Oh did I feel the presence of my grandparents there as well. The minute I walked in I felt like I was making the right choice.

Fixing up was a little more than we thought but we trudged threw it. We didn't get everything done but we got most of it.

We have it rented and hope to have it rented for a while.

We really hope and pray that this is the future for our babies to get to college and so forth. I know not today but in the long run.

The Home was my grandparents first purchase when moving to the Big Island. They loved there while my parents lived on the Ranch before my dad told my grandpa about the dairy that they bought 5 yrs later.

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