Tuesday, June 8, 2010

THE Uninvited house guests! 4/7/10

This is a great memory but not ever wanting to repeat it. On Wednesday night Judy was dropping me off and we sat there for a little bit talking. As we were talking we noticed something on the roof bigger than a cat and even a puppy. So we got out and got closer to the roof where we recognize a Racoon. A great big one. I scream and called Bret who was in the house and told him to come out threw the back door. Anyways we watched it go down the chimney into the basement chimney. Well Bret and I never finished the fireplace in the basement we just sheet rocked over it. So there was no way of getting them out quickly. So we looked up what to do and called around. Animal control doesn't work with racoon's, other places would cost over 1000.00 depending on how many were down there and so on. So we read about how other people have gotten them out. So a week later Sunday morning we decided that they were down there long enough and we got the firecrackers, thanks to our neighbors the Tate and we threw some down the chimney and played loud crazy talk radio all day long. Every so many hours Bret would throw down some firecrackers. Lets say that evening when it came dark that mama racoon took her and her babies out and ran. It was a happy day for me, no more dreaming of crazy racoon's and all the possibilities of what they could of done to me and the kids and so on.

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Katrina said...

Oh goodness! Its probably a good thing the fireplace was blocked off. You sure wouldn't want those guys in your house! I'll have to remember fireworks for getting rid of raccoons. There were problems with raccoons last year just a couple blocks away.