Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All Aboard!

We took Front Runner to Ogden to see the train expo.

Kids having a blast

One of many Trains that were there

Kids riding the little train.

Crazy Monkeys having a great time.

Ili jumping around

Aunty Cassie came along to have fun with the monkeys.

We got on the Front Runner to head to Ogden to see the train expo. Where the kids had a blast. We saw all different types of trains and we even saw trains that were built out of Lego's. It was probably the kids favorite part. Anyways since we rode up on front runner we had to ride back. Long story short on the way back Ty wanted a map (a schedule), Bret told him that when we got off he would grab on for Ty. Anyways well Bret forgot and went to get back on the train and get that map for Ty as he got back on the train took off and so Bret ended up riding down into Salt Lake City and having to wait for it to come back. It was like an hour before he returned home. I laughed so hard and poor Bret was just trying to be the Best Dad he could be. Yes, Ty still has his map. It was a great day and a fun memory.

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