Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day March 17 2009

Mr. Policeman Nick
Mr Policeman Ty
Kai'imi with her Spy Glasses to find Leprechauns

Ilikea playing with the Construction Box
Ty filling up his box with balls
Laci driving her tractor
Ty on the horse
Ilikea at the Garden eating all the Veggies
Ms Spy Kai'imi riding the horse
Watch out here come Ms Policeman Ili
Laci heading down the Construction Slide
Ty and Nick again in Police cars.

Today was a Free Day at the Children's Museum, so I decided to take the kids after preschool. Kai'imi invited Laci to come with and Nick came along to since his Mommy was busy with Eastans school. So the five children and I had a blast playing on toys and looking for leprechauns around the place. We found two of them. I especially enjoyed watching Kai'imi run around with her glasses and the kids being so happy. Kai'imi loved the horse, Ty and Nick loved playing in the building area and police cars, Laci loved driving the tractor and sliding down the yellow slide and Ilikea loved the garden and just being free to play. The 5 children were well behaved so we stayed from 4 hours. They still didn't want to come home. It was a great fun filled day and again we added memories to our life.

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