Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guys and Girls Night 3-7-09

So this past weekend we were invited down to Becky and Skyler's home to celebrate Skyler's birthday. Becky got the boys tickets to the BYU basketball game. So all the brothers including their Dad, Becky's Uncle and Trevor headed to the game. While the women stayed at their home to make Cinnamon Rolls. We got the Cinnamon Rolls started and while it was rising we decided to head to the store called Sunflower which had great prices for fruits and Veggies. The kids all got balloons at the end. After that we then headed to a store called ummm I can't remember I will have to post it later. After that store and getting some awesome deals on Pink Lady Apples, we went back to Becky and Skyler's to finish the Cinnamon rolls and wait for the boys to come back. It was a late but fun night. Thanks everyone for adding more memories into my life.

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