Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Layton Crockett's Annual Ward Halloween Party

Camie and the Girls
The Crazy Candy Man!!!

Cute Girls doing their fun activities

Ili the lady bug

Easton, Damon and Shaeda eating dinner waiting to start their fun.

Boys having fun at the Cupcake walk.

Shaeda and the Monkey Ty'makoa

Nick and Flower Power Ambrie.

Easton and lady bug Ili.
The Halloween Cousins Group
Every year the kids and I go to the Layton Crockett's ward annual Halloween party. This year Derek and his family came, and even Bret was there for the fun. There were games, dinner and trick or treating for the kids. Its been a blast and Thank you again Camie and family for inviting us to come along.

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Doré said...

Looks like fun! The kids all look cute in their costumes.