Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Halloween Traditions 2008

Senior Citizens Assisted Living Center
Shaeda and Eastan eat what they got

Steph and the Gorilla

Sunshine Bear Sissy

Crazy hair Grandpa

Ty and Nick are eating what they got

Bret and Ilikea the frog
Off to go trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Ambrie and Kai'imi await to go trick or treating
Ilikea liked playing inside that going trick or treating.

Off on Main Street!

So every year I take the Kids to go and get their pictures at Inkleys for Free and then I take them to Papa Murphy's for cookie dough and their $5.00 Pumpkin Face Pepperoni Pizzas for dinner. Then at 4pm we head over to Main Street and then to the Senior Center. We have all the Cousins come over and go with us. This year Bret got to take the kids cause I had to work but they still had a fun time. All the guys go over to our neighbors house for some Chili and the walk the kids around so that they can get treats too. I was able to join the fun at 7:30. Thank you everyone for making our memories at Halloween.

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