Friday, October 22, 2010

too much fun 2010

I am laughing at Bret who can't take the Smell of this......

Yes, that's BARF everywhere and I mean everywhere. So short version we stopped at Bret's friends house and he gave us some cookies, then we stopped in Colorado City and brought some rice crispy treats at a bake sale and we didn't plan on really spending the whole day driving up to the Grand Canyon. So we had only packed water, granola bars, and a few snacks. So while driving up there Ty ate and ate and Bret and I didn't realize how much he snacked on the junk until the way back down the Grand Canyon about 12 miles aways from the nearest anything. Ty tells us he is not feeling well and I tell him that we have just had a long day and he is just tired and he kept on telling me that he wasn't feeling good and I kept just telling him to close his eyes and take a nap. Well I sure believed him when both Bret and I was sprayed with Barf. Well since we were 12 miles away from anything and we weren't prepared for this. We had to endure the smell and poor Ty was only in his underwear. I did give him my under shirt and we drove with the windows down until we reached a gas station and cleaned things up.
We all learned an important lesson, bring a good lunch, make sure your kids don't eat all the cookies, bring wipes, extra clothes and more water.
It still turned out to a great day!!!!

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