Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Christmas 12/25/2009

This year we decided to start a new tradition with Christmas. Christmas Eve we had a nice dinner, kids got new PJ's from Mom and Dad, we read the story about our Savior, and tried to put the kids to bed and I mean we sure tried but their excitement was uncontrollable. After they went to bed Santa always rings bells by their window.
Christmas morning has changed for the us, everyone had to be upstairs at the same time in order to go into the front room. The first hour of Christmas morning was spent looking threw our stockings and chatting. Then the next hour they could open one present, clean up the mess and then enjoy what they opened. We have decided that Christmas day goes by way too quickly and they kids don't really enjoy what they receive. So for the whole day we did something for every hour. We opened a present every hour, ate breakfast for one of the hours, went sledding for an hour (actually took 2 hours), made lunch, and enjoyed a lovely dinner as we still wasn't finished opening before the kids fell asleep so the next day we continued with our every hour. Although we went to the dollar theater and enjoyed a family fun day.
I really enjoyed the Christmas Holiday and enjoyed the excitement in my Children's face. I believe that our every hour thing will become a spacial Crockett thing for our family.
Even though we enjoyed the world of Christmas we didn't forget the true meaning of Christmas and we did reelect upon all that our Savior did for us.

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