Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bret's in Vernal

So about four weeks ago, Bret came home from work with both great and sad news. He still had a job, great but now he works in Vernal, sad. It didn't hit me to hard cause the next day I left for Hawaii. Well I have been home for three weeks now and I am so missing him. He gets to come home on weekends but during the week, its the kids and I. We have been blessed in many ways so I am not complaining but I am so missing my sweet, amazing, and wonderful husband very much. I didn't realize how much I would miss him. I thought it would be easy cause I didn't have to make dinner by a certain time, one less persons laundry to do during the week and I would be in charge and do my own thing, well I am so wrong. I miss cooking meals for him, miss doing his laundry and I miss him keeping my bed warm. What I am trying to say is Bret I love you and miss you!!!!

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Katrina said...

Oh man. That's hard. Is it a temporary thing or permanent? I'll keep you in my prayers and let me know how I can help you too!

If you'd ever like to take the afternoon and go to the temple or run errands down this direction, you're welcome to bring the kids here. :)