Sunday, November 8, 2009

Floating down the Ogden River

Okay so my brother in law Derek wanted to go rafting and so we tagged along and went down the Ogden River. So on Saturday 9/12 we found rafts and headed up there. Derek, Nick and Lincoln went ahead of us. Bret, Easton and Ty were in one boat and Ili, Kai'imi were in the other at first it was wasn't so bad and we would get splashed a little or our butts would hit the rocks and even sometime we would drift off to the sides and get a little tree in our face but there is this one spot that we didn't know about and the current and it wrapped my boat around a branch. Kai'imi went floating off and Ili and I went under the water. I got Ili and I up and was holding onto a branch and Bret went after Kai'imi. Just so happen where we fell in there was a Mexican Family have a grieving ceremony over their lost one. Well in their very nice clothes these men jump into to help us. They saved Kai'imi and my floating phone. Yes it was a scary but funny memory of our life. If Kai'imi would of floated just a little way further down she would of been able to just stand up. We got out of the water right there and I borrowed a mans phone to call Derek. Yes Bret, Ty, Nick, Easton, and Derek got back in and continued to the end. At the end of the river there is a spot where you go down some little rapids and the kids and men went down there a couple of times. Yes we even got Kai'imi back into the boat.

After that we went back up there two more times until the weather got too cold. Mike and Camie along with their children joined us once too. It was fun and I am sure we will be doing that again next summer.

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