Thursday, June 4, 2009

St. George Trip April 22 threw 25 2009

Ilikea having a blast being with Daddy
Ilikea playing with her toys

Playing in the water

The three Monkeys

St George Temple

Fun Fiesta with Aunty Hi'i

On a Walk with Maryanne and Norman Smith

Okay so these are all in random order but each year I go down to St. George for the UPHA convention. Its turned into a tradition of Bret and the kids coming down with. Bret and the Kids spend time together while I go to work. The last two years it also happens to be the week that Aunty Hi'i and Uncle Tom go to Las Vegas so we try to meet up. They drive up from Las Vegas to St George. This year we went to Fun Fiesta, and out to lunch at Red Lobster. We had a great time together. Seeing them has made me miss home more than I normal do. We also took the kids to down town St George where they played with the fountains, drove by the Temple and we also went to see the Smith family that Bret knew on his mission before they moved to St George. All in All we had a blast being in St George and spending time together as a family.

This year we also decided to stay a day longer drove down to Las Vegas. Pictures and and entry will follow about the Las Vegas trip.

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