Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Computer Class Graduation 4-22-09

Ty and Kai'imi with the Computer Class Classmates and their teacher Ms Marg.
Ms. Marg and the 4 rascals.

This year Ty and Kai'imi took a Computer Class that thought them reading, math and Science on the computer. Ty and Kai'imi have loved it and wouldn't let us miss a class.They went Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, each day they looked forward to going. Nick and Ashton attended with them. Ms Marg their teacher was so awesome with them. The kids did well. I was so proud of them as a Mom. I was impressed on how much they really did learn from the beginning of the year to the end. Ty and Kai'imi impressed me.
Thank you Ty and Kai'imi for always making me so happy and proud.

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The Crockett Family said...

So Cute! How fun that they have all these cool memories together AND with a cousin. Lucky! :)