Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2nd Half of Soccer Season 04-09 to 05-09

Team after the game getting their patches
Last Game the whole team out playing on the field.

Ilikea at the soccer game having fun
Kai'imi waiting her turn to go back in Ty and Kai'imi out on the field

Kai'imi waiting for the game to start again

Ty on field
Ty and Devin waiting for the game to start
Ty is sitting waiting for his turn to go back out on the field.
The second half of soccer season was April threw the first week of May. I had a blast watching my two kids learn so much from the first part of the season. Ty came out of his shell and actually ran to get the ball and block the ball. I remember one game where he blocked 4 goals, and made 3 goals all in the same game. It was so fun to watch him. His Dad even got to see that game.
Kai'imi did a great job as well. She wasn't afraid of the ball or the players. She would go and get the ball anytime it was coming her way no matter who was in her way.
Being their Mom I am so proud of them. I have loved how much they have grown. They are both signed up to play next year as well.

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