Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Target Pics April 2009

My Handsome Brown Eyed BOY!

What Cute TWINS!!!

How Sweet

My beautiful Brown Eyes Princess

My Hula Girl

My Girls

My Brown eyed JOY

The pose I picked.

Ilikea at 9 months old
So quick and a short version of my story, I went to Target to get my kids pictures taken for my Mother in laws birthday and I figure its time. So I made an appointment for myself and my sister in laws. While I made the apt I asked a couple of questions regrading my coupon and if we could all use it. Well we went to the scheduled time and I wanted to do two sessions in two different outfits. We took the pictures and then the lady said where is our coupon and I said oops I forgot it. She then tells me that I would need to go home and get my coupon or else she wouldn't let me use it. So I ran home to get my coupons. When I got back there she would only let me use on coupon even though I did two different setting and now it was one setting now. She said I could order more if I paid $14.99 a sheet instead of my $3.99 a sheet coupon. I was so bugged that I just got the $8.00 package and left. So we are just going to have to enjoy these cute pictures on the Internet. Poor customer service, but cute pictures.


Doré said...

Cute pictures...all of them! Such adorable kids you have. That is too bad they didn't keep their word on the coupon thing...that would have made me mad.

Aubrey said...

Your kids are so cute. Sorry about the bad service, but the pictures turned out great.

The Crockett Family said...

k...waaay cute. Thank heavens for the digital photography!