Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family Home Evening 01-2009

We got a Bountiful Rec family pass for this year. We have been enjoying it on Monday nights by taking the kids swimming. They have a little area for the kids to play, swim and they can touch. Ty and Kai'imi both love the little slides and when Dads around to take them down the big Slides. Bret enjoys jumping off the diving boards and playing with the kids. Ilikea loves her tube and being able to kick her little feet in it. And I love that we are together as a family having fun.

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The Crockett Family said...

Thanks for updating your blog! I love seeing what some of my fave little kiddos (and their mom) are doing! :) BTW: Thanks for the invite to the museum. ;) I've been begging Mike to take us down there for months! Now I want to go even more. Hope you're all doing fabulous! Luvs!