Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grandma Anderson

Bret's Grandma Fern Lucille Romriell Anderson
Born October 29, 1928
Died December 18, 2008
Funeral December 22, 2008
It was a cold snowy day of her services.

Driving down the roads
Grandma loved all of us. She did not think of me as one of her many grand kids. She thought of me as Bret. I loved to bring my Friends over. When I brought anyone over they were interested in my life and my Friend's life. My mother {Nancy}, has a rare quality. She loves everyone she meets. When I think of grandma a realize where she gets this rare gift. I must admit I did my fair share of sneaking ice cream bars out of the deep freezer. I am also sorry to say I did take more then one Oreo out of the cookie jar. The amount of cookies I would take depended on how big of pockets you had! Grandma was patient and loving, even with the naughty grand kids!! I love her for her example and for how she treated all of us. She is now free from sickness and pain. Her life has been a great success, I am just so happy for her.Bret Crockett
Bret posted this on her Blog. I thought I would put it here as well.
As I went to this funeral I was the reminder of what eternity really is. Her parents started a legend with 12 kids, Fern having 10 kids, and her kids have kids. I think it was something like 89 Grandchildren and more on the way. Anyways it went on and on. Grandma Anderson truly left behind a generation. During the Services the Grand kids were asked to Sing Families can be together forever and I wanted to say that pretty much the whole chapel stood up. It was a very touching. My thoughts went back to my own Granny who died almost two years ago.She too was a legend.
I will write about my Granny another time.

Grandma Anderson you will be missed here on earth but we will see you again in Heaven. Thank you for all that you have left behind for I am lucky to be married to your Grandson.

After the Funeral..........After the funeral we decided to stay another night due to the weather looking so bad out there and have some fun with the Vargas, Bret's Aunt and Uncle. Anderson, Ty and Kai'imi had a blast playing together. It was fun to see cousins having fun.

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Doré said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother, I am sure she is dearly missed. How great it is to know of our Heavenly Fathers plan. Families are Forever.