Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tinty Tots Soccer September 2008

Soccer was started the last week of August for practice and went threw out the month of September. Their First Soccer game was on their birthday and they enjoyed that. We brought treats of cupcakes with soccer rings on them. Ty did well at the game he chased the ball and ran hard. Kai'imi scored a couple of goals and loved being right in the middle of the whole game. It was very fun to see the difference from the first game to their last game. Both Ty and Kai'imi got lighting patches which were the best patch. It was for assisting with a goal. They will play again in the Spring and I can't wait! They have excellent coaches. Coach Ben and Coach Robbie have been really patient and excellent teachers to them. I really hope that they will stick with it as they get older. Thank you to all those who supported them during this soccer season.

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