Monday, September 29, 2008


We have decided to do two programs for the kids. They are attending West High School Preschool two days a week and also attending Waterford Ins. Research where they are learning on Computers three days a week. So on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays they go to Computer Class or as Kai'imi says its Puter School and then every other week Monday Wednesday and the other weeks are Tuesday Thursday at West High Preschool or as Sis would say it's Snack School. They started West Preschool on September 2 and Waterford on September 3. They are going to school with Nick their cousin as well. Ms Marj is their teacher for Waterford and Ms Linda is their teacher for West High.
So far they both have really enjoyed going to school. The only challenge we are having is getting Tyty out of bed on some mornings, and Kai'imi keeps asking me why she doesn't have any homework. (we just make homework up)

Kai'imi really loves her teachers. A story from West Preschool teacher Ms. Linda. This one day Kai'imi came into class and ran to the teach and say I have secret Ms Linda for you. So Ms Linda bends down and gives her ear to Kai'imi. She say I just love you so much. You are a great teacher. Ms Linda said that she was just so sweet that day and every day as well. She couldn't believe how excited she was telling Ms Linda her secret.

Tyty is really enjoying it as well. He really likes painting pictures, playing out side on the red bike, and being with Nick.
Computer Classes are going really well as well. They both seem to enjoy it and cause it Puter class that we can play games.


the harpers said...

It still seems crazy that you have kids old enough for preschool! Sam started school too and loves it! It's a nice little break for me too!

Merilynn said...

You're new blog layout is cute as well as the enjoyable music. It's hard to believe that our kids are old enough for pre-school, but it has been worth every minute to get them there. You are such a great mom, and you have some very sweet kids. What neat experiences you have had.