Thursday, August 28, 2008

August in a World Wind

Just wanted to write about my crazy month it all stared out with the Furnace and Central Air Unit going out on Ilikea's blessing 8-3-08. Well so that went out and we spent the week as a family in Ty and Kai'imi's room downstairs, eating sandwiches, and melting. We got a quote for a whole new system for $7,000.00 and so we decided that we would wait and get some other quotes. So we did and they couldn't come put it in till Saturday that week. So roasting for the week, all sharing the same room, and roasting, caused my patients to really be tested. Finally Friday came around with my patients being on the low end. I took the kids to the Zoo for the afternoon. (Post on the Zoo to follow) Then I got the kids to bed that evening, cleaned the house and just couldn't wait to take a shower. As I got prepared to shower, my husband got home and started working downstairs preparing for the gentleman to come the next day. As I got in, he informs me that we don't have any hot water and that the shower doesn't even work. Yes the patient thing I was working on just left. He knew I was upset so he called over to Merilynn Pages house to see if I could shower there. So I go over and turn the water on, get in and the shower head flies off, water is spraying everywhere. I turn off the water call for Merilynn and yes I wanted to die of embarrassment. So lets say I took a shower with the water beaming at me. (it left some bruises). The next morning I got up and headed to my Pharmacy Convention just laughing. That turned out to be a great day. That night it was our Ward tradiontal Layton Surf n Swim. (pictures posted on another blog)
The following week Bret leaves for Scout Camp August 20 thew the 23rd. So its me and the kids. On Wednesday after he left I took them to the Zoo again, went to feed Ducks but they were really geese's that were after out bums, and out to the Yogurt Swirl with Merilynn and boys. That's a pretty cool place if you haven't already been there you out to try it. Its in Bountiful just off of main St and 5 south. Thursday after work Trent and I took the kids fishing at Bountiful Pond (thank you Trent), where Ty caught a pretty big fish. We brought the fish home so we could show our Dad and then that evening we went to the Bees game with family (Thank you Derek). We had hot dogs, chips and soda for dinner. The kids rode the fun train that they have there, and played on the play ground in the back while we tried to watch the game. That Day was also Mom and Dad Crockett's wedding anniversary. We had a blast while Bret was gone. Friday we stayed home and got things in order after playing those couple days before. So Saturday I thought I would run the errand before Bret got home. Well on one of my last errand I went to Costco. I was driving in the parking lot when my car was hit buy a man not paying attention. I didn't panic. We were all fine except for the crying children. I called Bret and ask him what to do, he said to call the police. So yes I made my first 911 call (they only connected me to the West Bountiful police). They came and we had to fill out this report in the hot sun. I never made it inside Costco that day and didn't until this past Saturday (09-13-08). We are still trying to get his insurance to pay for the damage on our Van. A parking lot is considered private property. I do believe Bret had a blast on his camping trip and we also enjoyed our selves until Saturday.
So if that wasn't enough for the month, on Tuesday August 26 Derek's Birthday I was heading into Salt Lake with the kids to meet Robyn from Albertsons for lunch. I got my first speeding ticket. So this is how it went I got a phone call and missed the exit so I had to get off and get back on the other direction. As I was finally getting off my exit (4oo South exit ) I see a cop waving me over on foot, so I pull onto the side of the road with at least 3 other cars. My first thought was that something was going on so he made us all merge over, but when the cop came over to my window he asked if I knew why he pulled me over. I told him that I didn't have a clue. Yes appartenly he clocked me going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone. I wanted to cry.
I didn't understand why so much happened to us this past month but now I do. This last month I have tried really hard to read my scriptures and pray more often. Satan was sure working hard on us. I wanted to crawl into bed and hope that everything would just go away and fix its own, until I read the Visit Teaching message this month.I was reminded that we are all Beloved Daughters of our Heavenly Father and that our purpose and roles are Divine. The lesson also mentions that our self-worth can be affected by how we choose to listen to these principles. For me,I have those self pity days often when I don't feel good enough, pretty enough, smart enough and even like a good Mom or a good wife. Satan's powerful tool is discouragement, especially when it comes to ourselves. Then President Kimball those moments when we dwell on and have anxiety about our roles, to remember our Divine Destiny and reflect on those blessings and we will be uplifted! I love that! Motherhood is wonderful but we all know that at the end of the day kids don't always tell us how much they appreciate all that we did for them. We have to reach within ourselves and remind us that our roles are Divine and we are so blessed for our efforts. If you haven't read the message, take some time to read it.

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